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Bill Nye Is Here, Right Now, in the Summer Science Symposium

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Over the past few weeks we've been hosting what’s been dubbed the Summer Science Symposium – a recurring post where experts from a number of scientific disciplines convene in the comments and answer your most befuddling queries.


Whether you want to know how the universe can be infinite and expanding, if the moon landing really happened, or how accurate the cheapo mail-order genetic tests could possibly be, we have someone here who can field those questions – and more.

Our panel of experts include: Dr. Brian Krueger, the current Associate Director of Duke University’s Genomic Analysis Facility, Phil Plait, author of Bad Astronomy, and former member of the Hubble Space Telescope team, Henry Reich, the mind behind MinutePhysics, and Brian Dunning, technologist, author, and host of Skeptoid, a weekly science podcast.


We’ll also have a special guest making occasional appearances (hint: he’s a science … guy), so check back often and submit your questions below!

UPDATE: Our experts have left the building! Thanks for all your great questions!

Gizmodo's Summer Science Symposium is part of the Better State of Living Conversation Series and brought to you with the assistance of State Farm® — who've always got you covered with tips and help that get you to a better State.


Image by Ramóna Udvardi, Studio@Gawker

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