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How To Cook And Eat Like The Adult You Are

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Hey, Guy on a First-Name Basis with the Drive-Thru Guy (and, Guy Staring into the Supermarket Freezer — this is for you, too). Stop with the frozen dinners, the greasy bags of processed "food," and the nightly takeout. You're an adult. Eat like one. You can and should be cooking more of your meals. If that thought drives you to stress-eat frozen burritos, don't worry — there's an infographic for that.


In the below infographic brought to you by State Farm, you'll learn how much money you'll save by cooking at home, to what temperature your meats and fish should be cooked, when your favorite produce is in season and which ones to buy organic, and how long foods will keep. Apply these tips, and even the most clueless fast-food junkie will be buying, storing, and cooking fresh, healthy, seasonal food at home in no time.

Illustration for article titled How To Cook And Eat Like The Adult You Are

Now that you have the culinary knowledge to start preparing healthier, home-cooked food, what are you waiting for? If you're a guy worried about putting on that apron for the first time, you won't be alone — and you'll probably enjoy yourself. A full 14 percent more men cook now than in 1965, and studies show that dudes actually like cooking more than women. Just another reason to get into the kitchen.

Once you've mastered these cooking basics, you'll be ready to tackle other areas of your adult life. Now that you have the tools to streamline your diet for a longer, healthier life, let State Farm help you to protect it.

Steve Holt is a Boston-based writer specializing in food, technology, real estate, sports, and management theory. His work has appeared in Edible Boston, The Boston Globe, and Best Food Writing 2011.


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