Car shopping can be about as fun as chasing down electrical problems on a fifty-year-old British sports car. Between dealership runaround, price volatility, and variables from site to site, buying a vehicle can take hours of work and a ton of cross-shopping. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Enter Paul Nadjarian. Paul is the founder and CEO of Mojo Motors, and he'll be in the comments from noon to 2pm ET today to answer your car-buying questions. Mojo Motors is an automotive classified website that allows buyers to track the prices of used cars and find similar models with helpful alerts — pretty useful considering the average used car sits on the lot for forty days and experiences three price drops before it sells. In this video, Paul offers a handy guide to purchasing a car, highlighting the many variables you'll want to consider before forking over your hard earned cash for a new ride.

With the current new and used markets offering an array of options — from overpowered wagons, to diesel sedans, and hybrids — it's easy to feel overwhelmed. But don't let the stress get to you just yet: a car is not something you want to buy as an impulse purchase, after all. Paul walks you through just how much new cars depreciate within the first year, what you're really getting with vehicles that are two or three model years old, and the qualifications of certified pre-owned cars. After years of experience in the auto industry, he knows the best times to car shop and the important questions to ask dealers to avoid maintenance nightmares.

Use Paul's tips and you'll be able to approach the car buying process with informed confidence. And once you've found your dream vehicle, contact State Farm to help you protect it. In the meantime, if you have more questions or want to share your own tips for getting the best deal on a car, hop in the comments to chat with Paul about all things car-buying.

Andy Jensen is a freelance automotive writer and social worker. Go figure on that one. He enjoys third-generation F-bodies, '80s econoboxes, and other terrible cars.


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