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Ask the Designer Behind LifeEdited How to Maximize Your Small Space

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Lifehacker's Better State of Living Conversation Series is brought to you with the assistance of State Farm®. Today, TreeHugger and LifeEdited founder Graham Hill (a.k.a. the guy who fit an entire apartment in a 420 sq ft space) is in the discussion section below, ready to answer all questions about living efficiently in a small space.


When I began the LifeEdited project a few years ago, I wanted to show people that they could live happy, compelling lives using far less stuff, space and energy than they might have previously believed. I wanted “bigger is better” to be replaced by “less but better.” The centerpiece of the project was our prototype apartment that packs 1,000 sq ft of function in only 420.


While the apartment gets all the attention, I wanted life-editing to be about more than tiny transforming spaces in big cities. I wanted it to be something that everyone and anyone could apply to their lives.

Whether you live in a 250 sq ft studio in the middle of the city or in a five bedroom house in the thick of the 'burbs, there are ways you can do more with less. Here are a few:

1. Digitize. Nothing clutters so completely like paper. Set up autopay and go paperless on your bills. Scan your important docs. If you don’t have a scanner, use a scanner phone app. Even if you love books (and I won’t try to convince you otherwise), try an eReader app.


2. Less, but better. At LifeEdited, we like to say that something that costs twice the price, but lasts four times as long, is effectively half-price. When we buy stuff we love, it’s usually better made and designed, so we appreciate it more and take better care of it.

3. Share the love. There are many great ways to get the stuff you need without the hassle of ownership. And, on the flipside, if you own desirable stuff, there are ways to be compensated for it. Rent a car, or rent out your own with RelayRides. Borrow or lend a ladder through Neighborgoods. Get or give some clothes on Yerdle. Rent or rent out an apartment on Airbnb.


Have additional questions about how to get the most out of your micro space? Ask me in the discussion section below!

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