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Ask Pro Gamer "Mr.X" How He Helps Lead His COD Team to Success

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For me, pro gaming has always been about the competition. Playing online for years, dominating multiple games, I never got bored or complacent. Now, with the start of the Major League Gaming circuit — and with titles like Gears of War, Shadowrun, Rainbow Six, and now Call of Duty rising in popularity — it has become something I cannot get away from.


I remember the feeling of the first big tournament I ever won. It just clicked that day and I loved it. After that, I didn't want to lose that feeling. Through past experience and tons of hard work, I have been fortunate enough to keep up the momentum of my original win, and now I’m one of the only successful multigame players/coaches in the industry.That's why I'm here today — to help explain some winning tactics I've learned and developed for my team, Complexity.

With Call of Duty, I've been able to take important skills I developed from previous titles to help coach Complexity to success. Some of these skills include:

  • Understanding spawn mechanics in Hardpoint.
  • Developing solid strategies in Search and Destroy.
  • The ability to explain proper rotations and timing plays in Capture the Flag.

However, I believe that the biggest skill you can develop in any game is a positive mindset. The best piece of advice I can give is this: In competitive gaming, it’s the driven mindset that separates the great players from the champions.


Now, after guiding my team to first place in the MLG Spring Championship, it’s good to see how my work over the years has paid off, and it’s also incredible to witness the players I work with achieve success and happiness. With Call of Duty growing at a rapid pace, it’s exciting to see eSports being pushed to the forefront — and we've only scratched the surface of what’s possible.

I've already laid out a few skills that are important to develop in order to dominate, but I'm here to help you learn more. Ask away, and I'll offer up some tips I've gained from my years of experience as a pro.


Kotaku's Better State of Living Conversation Series is brought to you with the assistance of State Farm®, who's always got you covered with tips and help that get you to a better State. Today, Matt "Mr.X" Morello has taken a break from coaching his champion Call of Duty team, Complexity, to help you improve your own game.

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